How do long-distance parents spend time with their children?

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Child Custody, Firm News |

Not all parents are lucky enough to live in the same state as their children. These so-called “long-distance parents” will struggle to maintain a constant sense of connection with their kids via social media, video chats, text messages and regular phone conversations. These parents will also want to include in their parenting plans a way that they can spend extended periods of time — usually during school summer vacations — with their children each year.

Summer vacation time is a boon to long-distance parents in this regard. Most long-distance parenting plans, for example, will include a designated six to eight week period when the children will fly to the other parent to temporarily live in his or her home. This offers a great opportunity for the parent and children to bond with one another and perhaps go on a trip or two together.

There will be other times throughout the year when the children and their long-distant parent can visit with one another. This may include, for example, winter and spring breaks. In many cases, the parents will arrange for the children to spend an additional two to four weeks at different points in the year with the parent who lives away. One or two of these additional visits might involve taking the children out of school for a short time.

If you want to protect your ability to see your children as a long-distant parent, our law firm can help you look at your options. We will review your situation to determine the most appropriate child custody solutions for your needs.


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