Big changes to 1 spouse’s appearance could be a sign of divorce

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

There are numerous “signs and symptoms” of divorce. One sign that your marriage could be coming to a close is difficult to miss – a lack of communication and emotional and physical intimacy. However, it’s common for couples to go through ups and downs when it comes to their relationships like this. What might not be common for a “healthy marriage,” however, is when there are communication and intimacy breakdowns that are accompanied by radical adjustments in one spouse’s appearance, activities and habits.

In many cases, before spouses decide to formally bring their marriages to a close – regardless of whether this behavior is conscious or not – one or the other spouse will start to change his or her appearance in preparation for single life. For example, one spouse might start going to the gym, getting plastic surgery, revitalizing his or her wardrobe or engaging in any number of appearance-improving activities.

Alternatively, one spouse who was a stay-at-home parent might suddenly decide to get a job or return to school to prepare for a career that will help him or her become financially independent. Sometimes, the “changing spouse” will also join different clubs or start a new hobby or activity that helps him or her establish a lifestyle that exists separately from the marriage.

If your marriage is experiencing something like this, you might want to consider whether your marriage could be in danger, whether your marriage is worth saving if it is and whether you’re ready to pursue divorce. Our law office is standing by to help determine your marital property rights and assist you with deciding whether time to bring your marital union to a close.


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