Changing your child support order in Connecticut

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Child support needs can change

Child support allows for the cost of raising a child to be divided equitably between the parents based on their income. The court creates a child support order according to the child’s needs and the parent’s finances. However, these things can change over time.

You may reach a moment when you realize that your child support order is no longer working for you, the other parent, or your child.

Here are a few examples of circumstances that could call for a modification:

  • A significant change in your income
  • A substantial change in the other parent’s income
  • A considerable difference in the cost of caring for your child

Making a change to your child support order

If one or a combination of the above circumstances has made it, so your child support order is either 15% above or below Connecticut child support guidelines, it may be time to seek out a modification.

Doing so is relatively simple; just follow these steps:

  • Find the required forms
  • Fill them out
  • Submit them to the court clerk
  • Have them be official served to the other parent
  • Prepare for the court hearing
  • Attend the court hearing

There is more detailed information available on this guide from the Judicial Branch of Connecticut. Additionally, a family law attorney could help you better understand the process and get a new child support order that works for you.


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