The motorcycle riding season is here. Get prepared.

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The spring brings with it the beginning of the motorcycle riding season. It’s a bit different every year, depending on the weather, but this is when you start to get those warm days that let you back out on the roads. As the spring gives way to summer, the season will hit full swing.

Are you ready? It’s been a long time since you could get out on your bike. Here are a few things you want to do:

  • Inspect your brake pads. If they’re too worn, there is no better time to replace them. 
  • Check the tire pressure. It’s often tied to the temperature, so it may have dropped while your bike was in storage.
  • Check the fluid and battery levels. Never assume they’re perfectly where they were when you stored your bike away. 
  • Give your bike a once-over. Check things like the lights, the chain and the safety systems. You don’t want to find out that a taillight burned out after the sun sets, for instance, or discover that a blinker doesn’t work when you’re trying to make a turn. 
  • Start small, especially if you’re a relatively new rider. Use back roads and side streets to get a feel for riding again. This helps you gain confidence and get your abilities back up to where they were before you’re on the highway. 
  • Keep an eye on the weather. Remember that spring weather can be rainy, and slick roads can make things a bit more dangerous for you. 

Preparing like this can make you safer this year, but it doesn’t guarantee that another driver won’t cause an accident. If this happens, you may need to seek financial compensation



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