Reasons to seek a modification in child support

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When you and your co-parent split up, the court entered an order for child support that you are required to pay your ex each month. The court likely determined the amount of child support you must pay using Connecticut’s child support formula, which takes into account the income of both parents and other factors. 

At first, you didn’t have any trouble paying the required amount. But lately, it’s become tougher. Your hours have been cut at work or maybe you’ve become disabled, plus you’ve married and had another child since the court order was filed. You just don’t have enough money each month to meet all of your commitments.

You can file a request to modify your monthly child support order with the Superior Court in Connecticut. You should do this rather than just stop paying your child support. The request form gives you an opportunity to state why you are requesting a modification order and make a case for a change.

The reason for requesting a support modification typically involves new household circumstances. Those include changes in your income, a job loss or your medical expenses. (Keep in mind that your ex also can request a modification to increase the support you pay if they had a reduction in income or have encountered additional expenses as the child gets older.)

Of course, you should discuss your financial situation with your co-parent to let them know your circumstances. They need to know why you are requesting the support modification. Even if your ex is understanding and agrees to a reduction in support, however, you must go through the courts for a modification. An oral agreement the two of you make isn’t binding, and you could wind up in court later if there is a dispute regarding your informal modification. A family law attorney can provide more details.


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