Failure to pay child support could lead to serious consequences

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When the marriage is over and parents negotiate child custody and a parenting plan, they must also determine how the child will be provided for. After all, both parents have an obligation to support their children.

Connecticut child support guidelines outline how child support payments are made. Basically, if the child is living with the custodial parent, then the non-custodial parent will be directed to make child support payments based on their financial capability as well as the needs of the child. But what happens if they cannot keep up with their child support obligation?

The purpose of child support payments

These payments are designed to cover the following:

  • Basic necessities (food, clothing and shelter)
  • Education and daycare costs
  • Healthcare and other medical costs
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Any other reasonable expense

The idea of child support is to ensure that the child continues to enjoy a similar living standard to what they had when living with both parents.

Consequences of non-payment of child support

Failing to pay court-ordered child support can land you in trouble with the law. First, an arrest warrant may be issued against you. Next, you will be charged with contempt, which can lead to a fine or jail time.

Besides the legal consequences, failing to pay child support can also result in the following collateral consequences:

  • Your salary can be garnished
  • Your driver’s license can be suspended
  • Your tax returns will be intercepted
  • You may not get a passport

Falling behind on your child support obligation can lead to serious consequences. Find out how you can safeguard your rights and negotiate a modification if you cannot fulfill your child support order.



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