Tips for driving safely on the ice

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Ideally, you want to avoid driving on ice whenever possible. Be aware of when weather conditions have been too extreme and when it may be dangerous to go on the road. You can sometimes plan around these conditions so that the roads are cleared before you drive.

That said, you can’t predict all storms and you may not be able to adjust your schedule. If your morning commute has to happen at a specific time during the winter, and there’s no way around that risk of driving on the ice. Below are a few tips that can help you stay safe:

Increase your following distances

The first thing to do is to increase the amount of space that you put in between vehicles. This is known as your following distance, and it gives you time to react or stop. Since you don’t want to have to aggressively hit the brakes in slick conditions, which can lead to a loss of control, this is crucial.

Reduce your speed

It can also be helpful to simply drive slower. Increased speed sometimes causes tires to lose grip in slippery conditions, which can cause a vehicle to go out of control. Simply driving slower may allow you to navigate those conditions successfully.

Stay calm

If you do find yourself sliding on the ice, the key is to stay calm and avoid over-correcting or trying to steer too aggressively in either direction. Take your foot off of the gas and slowly let the car reduce its speed; do not aggressively push the brakes.

Of course, you can do all of this correctly and still be involved in an accident caused by another driver. You may need to know about the legal options you have to seek financial compensation.


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