2 ways to search for hidden marital assets in a divorce

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You probably don’t want to believe that your spouse would be so devious as to conceal assets from the property division stage of your divorce. However, if you’re reading this, you must have at least a few concerns about the possibility.

The concealment of marital assets plagues many divorces, especially those involving wealth or valuable property, often coming as a shock to the other spouse. Those concerned about getting a fair property settlement have several ways to uncover hidden assets, including the two methods discussed below.

Hire a private investigator

A reputable private investigator understands how some go about hiding assets from their spouse. The skills investigators have attained throughout their careers generally mean they can uncover hidden property faster than you can alone. Look for an experienced private investigator prepared to leave no stone unturned in their search for concealed assets.

Hire a forensic accountant

Forensic accountants first review the documents you provide to assess your economic circumstances and help you determine your idea of a fair settlement. If you believe your spouse has concealed some assets, they know how to find documentation to prove your claim and help you locate the property in question.

Sometimes, just one of these professionals is all you need to account for marital property. Other times, a forensic accountant can fill the gaps left uncovered by a private investigator.

For example, the investigator may see or hear indications that your spouse hid some assets, but the accountant knows where to find hard evidence of such activities.

You may need to consider asking for legal help to learn if one or both of these professionals can help you obtain a fair property settlement under Connecticut law.


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