Why you should worry about bruises from a car accident

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Car accidents often cause serious traumatic injuries, so you may feel lucky after getting into a crash and only seeing bruises. People tend to go to the hospital in the immediate aftermath of a car accident only when they see blood or have broken bones. In part because they are afraid of the medical expenses. However, bruises from a car accident can indicate more severe injuries and internal bleeding.

What are the serious injuries associated with bruising?

Bruising happens when the blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin break due to force or trauma. The force from the collision may have been strong enough to cause significant damage to your body, but because your body is in a state of stress and shock, you do not feel the pain. The only thing visible and observable now are the bruises. The bruises you received from the car accident could signify underlying delayed onset injuries, such as the following:

Hemorrhaging is the medical term that refers to the loss of blood, which can happen internally and manifest as bruising. The severity can increase without medical intervention. You should never underestimate the bruises you sustained from a car accident, no matter how mild they appear.

Get medical assistance after a car accident

Only a professional health care provider can give you an adequate medical examination to rule out any critical damages you may have suffered from the collision. You should prioritize your well-being over everything. The medical records can also give you proof and documentation when you want to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation for your incurred costs. Connecticut’s statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit is two years from the accident date. Therefore, seeking medical attention at once would help your case tremendously.



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