What are some common car accident injuries?

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Car accidents can result in various types of injuries, ranging from minor to severe, depending on the impact, speed, position of the vehicles, safety features and other factors involved in any particular collision. Speed itself is one of the most common indicators of whether or not an accident will result in fatal injuries.

After an accident, it is important to determine which injuries were caused by the crash and who the responsible party is. After all, medical care can be very expensive, especially for serious issues like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or spinal cord injuries (SCIs) and determining both causation and fault can help injury victims to pursue the maximum amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

What injuries have you suffered?

Have you been injured in a crash caused by someone else? It is vitally important to seek a medical evaluation as not all injuries manifest right away. Keep in mind that common car accident injuries include:

  1. Bone Fractures: The impact of the crash can cause broken bones in areas such as the ribs, the pelvis or the extremities.
  2. Head Injuries: These range from concussions to TBIs, and they can have varying degrees of severity, causing headaches, memory loss, dizziness and – in severe cases – cognitive or motor impairment.
  3. Whiplash: An injury resulting from the quick, harsh movement of a person’s neck as their head snaps backward and forward. Rear-end collisions often lead to whiplash. It can cause dizziness, neck pain, headaches and stiffness.
  4. Cuts, Bruises, and Scrapes: Impacts with objects inside the vehicle or broken glass can cause lacerations, bruises and abrasions.
  5. Back Injuries: Herniated discs, spinal cord injuries or strains to the muscles and ligaments in the back can occur due to the impact, leading to chronic pain and mobility issues.
  6. Internal Injuries: Blunt force trauma can lead to many internal injuries, like internal bleeding or organ damage. This could include a TBI.
  7. Emotional or Psychological Trauma: Car accidents are often the most intense and frightening events people go through in their lives, so they can cause emotional distress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychological issues. This is especially common if the accident was severe or traumatic.

It’s important to seek medical attention after a car accident, even if injuries seem minor, as some injuries might not manifest symptoms immediately and can worsen if left untreated. Additionally, consulting with legal and insurance professionals might be necessary to navigate claims and compensation for injuries sustained in an accident. Although it can be tough to be proactive when you’re hurt, it is important to think ahead in these regards.


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