Can my coparent and I agree on the child support amount?

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With contentious divorces and separation, courts usually intervene and address issues between separating couples to ensure fairness. However, when parties are amicable and open to settle, they can agree on certain terms of their separation, such as property division.

But when the issue involves your child, such as establishing the child support amount, can you and your coparent still decide on your own?

With a certain limitation

Coparents can amicably decide on the terms of their child support obligations, including the amount, outside of court. However, they must still submit the final agreement to the court for review and approval. When reviewing the child support terms, the court will primarily consider what is in the child’s best interest. Simultaneously, the court will also look into each parent’s income and ability to pay support to ensure fairness.

Accordingly, the agreement is only enforceable once the court issues an order on the same.

In case you do not agree

If during discussions, you find that you and the other parent cannot agree on the amount, you can bring the issue to court to obtain a child support order. In Connecticut, courts follow a set of guidelines to determine the child support amount, which includes looking into the parents’ combined net income and basing the basic child support obligation on the guidelines.

Child support has multiple aspects that could appear overwhelming. Nonetheless, having an experienced legal guidance by your side can help you navigate the matter and make informed decisions towards your and your child’s future.


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