Researchers reveal gender disparities exist when it comes to unemployment and divorce

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Money is often a source of conflict for couples in Hartford and others living elsewhere. In fact, one study found that couples who fought over financial matters at least once a week were more likely to end up divorced.

The loss of a job can create financial hardships and even more conflict between spouses. A recent study, however, found that there are gender disparities when it comes to unemployment and divorce.

Researchers at the University of Ohio found that women are more likely to leave men who are unemployed. In addition, men are more likely to leave a marriage when they do not have a job. The research indicates that a woman’s employment status has little effect on her marriage. However, women who are employed and dissatisfied in their marriages are more likely to leave compared to women who are unemployed.

Although more women are in the workforce today, researchers believe this new study shows that stereotypes still exist. It appears that people are less accepting of a man without a job than they are of a woman without a job.

Whether or not couples fight about financial matters, conflict is bound to come up in a relationship. In some instances, the conflicts become too much to handle. Despite efforts to stay together, couples may find that divorce is their only option.

Going through a divorce can be difficult. Couples with high-value assets may face additional challenges. In order to deal with complex property division matters, people in Hartford and beyond would be wise to work with an experienced divorce attorney. Doing so may help people move forward with their lives in a timelier manner.

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