Expert witnesses may aid in a divorce

by | Oct 30, 2013 | Firm News, Property Division |

Couples in Connecticut contemplating getting a divorce might be surprised to hear that expert witnesses can aid them in making their divorce cases. People who are considered experts are those who are trained to offer professional opinions on specific issues. Various types of experts specialize in certain practice areas.

Income experts determine the income that a couple has. They can prove to be useful when it comes to division of property. There are also vocational experts who evaluate the training and employability of each spouse. These experts can offer recommendations on whether they think alimony should be awarded to either spouse based upon each spouse’s skills, education and experience.

Psychological experts are one of the most commonly used types of experts in divorce cases. Psychological experts evaluate a family’s circumstances and then make recommendations about which parent should retain custody of any children based upon their findings. Sometimes, the court appoints such experts to divorce cases, but individuals may choose to hire their own as well.

Sometimes couples may have disputes about what the valuation of their assets is. That’s where real estate experts and business valuation experts come in. Real estate experts appraise the value of any real estate that the couple owns, and business valuation experts do so with any business ventures that the couple has. The findings of these experts can greatly impact the way finances are divided between couples in the long run.

Family law attorneys may advise their clients as to whether they really need the services of an expert. They might also be able to help their clients procure the testimony of experts that will strengthen their cases.

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