How Connecticut sets spousal support levels

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In the state of Connecticut, the support payments that are awarded to one spouse may have an impact on how marital property is divided. This makes is imperative for couples to try to work together to arrive at agreements they can both live with. If the courts are forced to play a role in the division of property and determination of spousal support awards, they will look at specific criteria.

In Connecticut, both men and women are subject to being ordered to pay spousal support to their former spouses. The court will consider how long the couple was married, the reasons behind the divorce and what the needs of each partner are. The court will also take into account the ages and general health of each spouse, their careers, employment skills and individual needs. If there are children involved, then the court will determine whether it is in the children’s best interests for the custodial parent to have a regular job.

Each case is reviewed on an individual basis. As the court reviews information, it will look at the assets owned by the couple and any additional sources of income. All of this information is taken into account as the court tries to arrive at a fair determination. Predicting the outcome of any case can be very difficult because of the thorough approach used by the court and the amount of information to be reviewed.

When a couple decides to divorce, each party will likely have a desire to protect their own best interests. Working with an experienced divorce attorney can help a client understand the factors that the court will consider when it comes to property division and support.

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