Preparing yourself for a possible child custody battle

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Often, parents tend to focus on the legal issues of child custody during divorce and other proceedings. They want to make sure they have covered any possible legal situation that may arise during their case. It is a wonderful idea to ready oneself for any legal issues that may arise, but parents can also prepare for child custody proceedings in other ways. This is especially useful in contentious cases that have the potential to become an all-out battle.

The following tips can improve your chances of success in any child custody proceeding, but if things begin to heat up, they can have a powerful impact on your case.

Check your bad habits at the door: If you like to indulge in alcohol or perhaps even dabble with marijuana, you will want to cease all such behaviors at once. In the “eyes of the court,” engaging in what can be perceived as negative habits can reflect on your parenting.

Mind your communications with your ex: In fact, it is not a terrible idea to cease all communications except for any necessary — but calm — discussions about the children.

Consider dumping your social media accounts: Before your emotions get the better of you, cancel your social media accounts to avoid inadvertently hurting your case with the wrong kind of posts.

Maintain your stellar parenting skills: Divorce and child custody battles are tough! There may be times when you feel like skipping out on sports events or other activities involving your children. Remaining an active part of your children’s day-to-day lives will benefit your case and your kids at the same time.

Stay at home: Whether your kids live with you or not, it is a good idea to be at home when you are not working or doing things with your children. This paints you in the best possible light and says that you are a good, caring parent.

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