Don’t let pride get in the way of alimony

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When it comes to alimony payments in Connecticut, pride often comes into play, and it can come from either side of the equation. Experts suggest that you try to ignore this as much as possible, and not allow pride to influence your decisions.

If you’re asked to pay alimony, for example, you may want to fight it because it just feels wrong. However, this can make the whole divorce far more complicated. Your spouse may be willing to give you more of what you want if alimony is given out in return. Plus, you know your own expenses are going to drop once you’re not married, and you can deduct alimony payments when you do your taxes, so you’re not losing as much as you think.

On the other side of the coin, if your spouse is ordered to give you alimony, don’t let your own pride keep you from taking it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You expected to be supported to that level when you got married, and you may have quit your own career, planning your whole future around the support.

If it’s legally an option for you, why make your life far harder by rejecting the money? You can still look for a job and focus on yourself, but alimony makes the transition easier, and your quality of life could be much higher if you just accept it.

Egos are often involved in the divorce process, but don’t let yours get in the way.

Of course, alimony is not given out in every divorce, so it’s wise to look into the regulations to make sure you know exactly what you’re expected to give or receive.

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