How can a child support order be enforced?

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In Connecticut, there are several ways that the state can help a custodial parent receive the child support the court ordered. The children are the ones who suffer when the child support isn’t paid on time or not at all.

Some of the methods the state uses to collect child support include:

— Income withholding: If the other parent is working, child support can come out of his or her paycheck, workers’ compensation check, unemployment check or retirement check. This will normally begin right away, but if the parent is 30 days behind, then the withholding can start as long as there is a court hearing offered to the parent paying support.

— Contempt for contempt of course: If a parent is ordered to pay child support, then Connecticut’s Support Enforcement Division can ask that the court hold the parent in contempt. This can also apply if the parent doesn’t keep medical insurance on his or her child. Jail is a possibility when this occurs.

— A capias mittimus: This is an order for the arrest of someone who hasn’t paid child support.

— Negative credit bureau reporting. If someone owes more than $1,000, then the debt can be reported to the three credit bureaus. The parent is notified first, though, and asked to pay the support or come to a hearing.

— Lottery payments seized. If there are winnings for the parent, he or she can lose it and have it applied for back child support.

— Liens. If the parents owes $500 or more in back child support, then a lien can be placed on his personal or real property.

— Income tax refund seizure. This is actually quite common and many parents lose their tax refunds if they are behind in payments.

If you want to learn more about how child support can be collect, you can find the services of an experienced family law attorney very beneficial.

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