Child support order modifications in Connecticut

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

It is safe to say that most divorced parents in Connecticut live in a fluid financial state, meaning that circumstances can change at a moment’s notice. The law addresses these sometimes-changing situations by allowing parents to modify court orders such as child support. This allows parents to continue working together to support their children while also giving one or both parents a chance to improve their situations.

Many of our clients do not know that they can request a child support order modification from the court. They mistakenly believe that they are locked into their original court orders until their kids are adults. While the court will not grant child support modifications on a whim, it will grant them if the circumstances warrant the changes.

For example, if the parent paying child support suffers a significant drop in income, the court may grant a request to lower child support payments. On the other side, if the parent receiving child support loses his or her income, the court may order child support payments to increase.

One of the court’s main goals is to ensure child support remains steady and reliable in the life of a Connecticut child. Allowing parents to request changes when they are truly necessary helps prevent the abrupt cessation of child support should a parent fall on hard times.

We want to encourage all divorced parents in our state to seek assistance if you suffer financial hardships that interfere with the ability to support your children. Please consider visiting our website if you need additional information about modifying your child support orders.


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