Contentious divorce finally settled for Ken Griffin

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Firm News, High Asset Divorce |

It’s taken more than a year for Ken Griffin and Anne Dias Griffin to settle what has become a very contentious divorce. After 11 years of marriage, Ken filed for divorce in July 2014. However, the high asset divorce was not settled until this week. According to court documents, the details of the prenup that was signed the night before their wedding was being disputed by Anne. She said that she was coerced into the prenuptial agreement, although Ken says the two discussed the prenup in great detail.

Ken is the 69th richest person in the U.S. He’s reportedly worth $7 billion. Anne was contesting the prenup, which according to court records provides her with $22.5 million once the two were married and then another $1 million for each year the marriage lasted. It also stated that she would be a joint owner of the Chicago penthouse the two had. It was reportedly worth about $11 million. The total of all that is about $35 million.

Anne said earlier, though, that the prenup was costing her “billions of dollars” because Ken was making almost $100 million a month. That is because he is the owner and founder of the Citadel hedge fund.

Apparently, the two have now come to terms on the divorce, including the prenup. This time, however, the settlement details will be available to the public.

Prenuptial agreements may not be romantic, but there is certainly nothing wrong with protecting your interests in case of divorce. If you want to learn more about prenuptial agreements, an attorney well versed in family law can help.

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